Made me feel nostalgic and a bit disappointed considering that in the last 27 years i have failed to form a lasting friendship with any one. Is it too late now?

So true

I hate summers


At times I wish for total anonymity, to be able to do whatever I want to and be whoever I need to be without thinking about people and social confinements

I don’t want to write about it, about the sad state of affairs, of how the entire country is burning right now, and no one has any idea who lit the match.

It is ironic how all of this has become mundane, accepted as a part of daily routine. A bomb blast, a riot, killing of civilians and massacre of general masses, sect based violence, seizure of the nations business hub’s airport, honour killing and the list goes on and on.

When these things happen we pause for a minute, may be talk about it with people around us and go on with our lives, no one has the time any more, of course we are too busy dinning in at our favourite places, finding books to read, watching the latest movies, planning oversees vacations and colour coordinating our life……